Sugar and Confectionaries Technology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Describe the factors influencing the work of imbibition during in the recovery of sugar from sugar cane [5 marks]
  2. Compare and contrast the phosphatation and carbonatation processes applied in the refining of sugar [4 marks]
  3. Explain non-enzymatic browning in the manufacture of confectionaries and factors affecting it [6 Marks]
  4. Describe the cold flow as encountered in the manufacture of caramel and fudges and toffees and any solutions to this problem. [4 Marks]
  5. Explain value added by-products from sugar processing industries [5 Marks]
  6. Describe the manufacturing process for hard candies and the spoilage mechanisms in toffees [6 marks]
  1. Describe the stages involved in the manufacture of chocolate discussing the objectives and operations at each stage. [20 marks]
  1. Describe the stages involved in the processing of sugar from sugar cane outlining key differences as compared to the processes applied in recovery of sugar from sugar beets [20 marks]
  2. Discuss the constraints and challenges facing the sugar industry in Kenya over the years, and the policy measures that have been instituted to address the problems.  [20 marks]