Food Microbiology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Discuss advances in identification and characterization of microbes associated with foods.
  2. What policies should be put in place against the development of antimicrobial resistance? Explain why your proposition would work.
  3. Discuss the application of microorganisms in:
    1. Food preservation
    2. Food processing
    3. Waste management
    4. Enzyme production
  4. Define water activity and explain its usefulness in food preservation
  5. Explain the factors that influence microbial activity
  1. Explain the meaning of the following:
    1. Gram positive bacteria
    2. Gram negative bacteria
    3. Bacteriocins
    4. Enterotoxin
    5. Neurotoxin
    6. Bacteristatic
    7. Sporulation
  2. Briefly explain the characteristics of the following pathogens
    1. Clostridium botulinum
    2. Staphylococcus aureus
    3. Listeria monocytogenes