Food Toxicology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Briefly explain the following terms as they are used in food toxicology (6 Marks)
    1. Hormesis
    2. Margin of safety
    3. TD50 and ED50
    1. Discuss the two major types of toxicity (6 Marks)
    2. Discuss two toxic contaminants that may be formed during frying of foods (4 Marks)
    3. Explain dose response relationship as it applies to food toxicology (2 Marks)
    4. Explain the phases of toxicological effects (6 Marks)
    5. Discuss the three categories of hazards of concern in dairy products (6 Marks)
    PART 2
    1. For each one of the following toxins, discuss their sources, formation, toxic effects and their control and prevention in food products (10 Marks)
      1. Ciguatoxin
      2. Saxitoxin
    2. Discuss the effects of specific toxic agricultural residues in foods and some of the ways through which they can be reduced (10 Marks)
    1. Discuss the factors that determine the extent of absorption of xenobiotics in the alimentary tract (10 Marks)
    1. Discuss how you can use the risk assessment approach to determine the acceptable daily intake for any toxic contaminant in food products (10 Marks)
    1. Discuss HACCP as a control measure for the reduction of or elimination of toxins from meat and meat products (10 Marks)
    1. Discuss methods that can be used by farmers to minimize the health risk from mycotoxins (10 Marks)