Sugar and Confectionaries Technology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Discuss the factors influencing the milling operations during sugar processing from cane  [5 Marks]
  2. Discuss the principles of sugar cane diffusion process and its advantages and disadvantages compared to classical mill tandem process  [6 marks]
  3. Discuss potential spoilage mechanisms in toffees [4 Marks]
  4. Discuss the sulphitation processes applied in the refining of cane sugar [5 marks]
  5. Discuss the roasting process coco beans including the changes that occurring during roasting. [5 marks]
  6. Discuss the processes involved in the manufacture of Lozenges and Compressed tablet candies [5 Marks]
  1. Discuss the stages involved in the processing of sugar from sugar beet outlining key differences as compared to the processes applied in processing of sugar from cane. [20 marks]
  2. Discuss the typical processing steps for converting cocoa beans into chocolate for use in confections [20 Marks]
  3. Discuss the constraints and challenges currently facing the sugar industry in Kenya and ways in which they can be addressed. Outline any policy changes that can be instituted to solve these problems [20 marks]