Introduction to food science and technology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Define food and give its chemical composition (4 Marks)
  2. Discuss the parts of the food industry (4 Marks)
  3. State 2 uses of water in food processing (2 Marks)
  4. List 3 ways of disposing solid waste in the food industry (3 Marks)
  5. Briefly discuss the process of waste water treatment (6 Marks)
  6. Explain the three basic types of vertical coordination in the food industry (3 Marks)
  7. Giving examples, differentiate between:
    1. Fresh foods and minimally processed foods (2 Marks)
    2. Synthetic foods and Secondary derivatives (2 Marks)
    3. Climacteric and Non-climacteric fruits (2 Marks)
  8. Explain 4 factors that influence the choice of food (4 Marks)
  9. State and explain 2 aspects of food quality (2 Marks)
  10. State and explain common indices used to identify maturity in fruits (4 Marks)
  1. List and explain 3 undesirable life processes that affect quality of foods of plant origin (3 Marks)
  2. What is chilling injury and how can it be controlled? (2 Marks)
  3. State the purpose of curing in plant-based foods (3 Marks)
  4. Briefly discuss 2 methods of decontaminating meat and poultry carcasses (4 Marks)
  5. Briefly explain how each of the following processes preserve food (4 Marks)
    1. Pasteurization 
    2. Concentration 
    3. Sterilization 
    4. Blanching 
  6. State the post-mortem changes in fish muscle related to lipid oxidation (2 Marks)
  7. How can lipid oxidation be reduced? (2 Marks)
  8. Discuss the effect of food irradiation on microorganisms (3 Marks)
  9. Explain the intrinsic factors of a food that determines the composition of the spoilage microorganism (3 Marks)
  10. Identify a conventional food preservation method and discuss its advantages and disadvantages (6 Marks)