Food packaging

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Discuss the functions of food packaging (6 mks)
  2. Differentiate between high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in terms of both structure and function (8 mks)
  3. The choice of package design and construction plays a significant role in determining the shelf life of a food product. Discuss (6 mks)
  4. Discuss the features of the two metals most predominantly used in packaging that make them ideal for making packaging containers for food products (8 mks)
  5. State and discuss the role of various additives used in plastics (6 mks)
  6. Discuss methods available for managing wastes from food packaging materials (6 mks)
  1. You are part of the research team in your company; your team has just developed a new milk fat based product. You are tasked with finding a suitable packaging material for the product. Discuss factors that would guide you in the choice of a suitable packaging material (10 mks)
  2. In (7) above, which packaging material would you choose, and why? (10 mks)


  1. Explain the following basic properties of material used for packaging (3 mks)
    1. Crystallinity
    2. Tear Strength
    3. Glass transition temperature
  2. State and explain three different environments within which packaging materials operate (6 mks)
  3. Explain the Three types of packaging materials (3 mks)
  4. State Two gases used in Modified Atmospheric Packaging, their advantages and examples of foods that can be packed using these gases (6 mks)
  5. Explain the purpose of Traceability in food products? How does packaging achieve traceability? (2 mks)
  6. Briefly explain the following different types of plastics used for packaging, in terms of their properties and strengths, using examples to substantiate your answer (6 mks)
    1. Polyethylenes
    2. Ethylene vinyl alcohol
    3. Polyethylene naphthalate
  7. Briefly discuss the following types of cans and explain what they are most commonly used for (3 mks)
    1. Open-Top (three piece) cans
    2. Drawn and wall ironed (DWI), and
    3. Draw Redraw cans.
  8. Explain why thermoset plastics are not used in making plastic packaging materials (1 mk)