Principles of human nutrition

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Giving examples, differentiate between the following terms as applied in human nutrition:
  2. Essential and Non- essential amino acids (2 Marks)
  3. Normal nutrition and Undernutrition (2 Marks
  4. Micro-nutrients and Macro-nutrients (2 Marks)
  5. Food group plan and food exchange system (2 Marks)
  6. Essential fatty acid and Limiting amino acids (2 Marks
  7. Discus the effects of common food processes on food quality in relation to human health (2 Marks)
  8. Briefly explain the classification of fibers and their significance to human nutrition and disease management (2 Marks)
  9. Discuss the uses of iron in the body (2 Marks)
  10. Discuss the reasons why pregnant women are given supplements of folate and iron during their prenatal care (2 Marks)
  11. Outline three dietary sources of complete proteins (3 Marks)
  12. Discuss the role played by dietary standards and how they can be misused (2 Marks)
  13. Outline the commonly used diet planning principles (3 Marks)
  14. Discuss the functions and the forces that control water distribution in the body (3 Marks)
  15. (c) Highlight the dietary sources and functions of vitamin A (2 Marks)
  16. (d) Outline the importance of proteins in the body (2 Marks)
  1. Food and nutrition insecurity are common problems in developing countries and are hindered by many factors. Discuss (12 Marks)
  2. Discuss the methods that can be used as indicators of the adequacy of the balance between dietary intake and metabolic requirements of a young person (8 Marks)
  3. Dietary goals and guidelines were introduced to deal with nutritional problems of affluent countries. Explain why these dietary goals and guidelines still have a role in developing countries, outlining some of the information they relay and how it relates to developing countries (10 Marks)
  4. Discuss the metabolic processes that are used by the body to get energy from the food we eat (10 Marks)
  5. Discuss the health consequences of under or over nutrition and how they can be managed (12 Marks)
  6. Excess intake of micronutrients especially through supplements can result in toxicity. Using specific examples, discuss toxic effects originating from excessive intake of vitamins (8 marks)