Meat, Poultry and Sea Foods Technology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Discuss how meat becomes pale, soft, exudative (PSE) or dark, firm, dry (DFD) meat outlining some of the steps through which these changes can be prevented (6 Marks)
  2. Briefly discuss the three principal smoking techniques that are applied in meat and meat products processing (6 Marks)
  3. Discuss the four primary factors of importance in the processing of meat and meat products                                                                                     (6 Marks)
  4. Briefly discuss the methods that are in use to reduce the toughening of meat due to the postmortem changes that occur (6 Marks)
  5. Discuss the importance of the mold cover in the processing of fermented sausages                                                                                                             (4 Marks)
  6. Discuss the importance of blanching prawns before canning (2 Marks)
  1. Consumption of meat and meat products has been on the increase in especially the developing countries. Discuss how processing may be a solution to the increasing demand for meat and meat products (10 Marks).
  2. Discuss the operations involved in the process of slaughtering poultry (10 Marks)
  3. Discuss the following processes as applied in meat processing outlining their advantages and disadvantages                                                              (12 Marks)
    1. Mechanical deboning
    2. hot boning
  4. Discuss the post-mortem changes in fish muscle that are related to lipid oxidation and how lipid oxidation can be reduced (8 Marks)
  5. There has been concerns surrounding the use of nitrates and nitrates in cured meat and meat products. Do you think these concerns are valid? Explain                    (10 Marks)
  6. Product susceptibility to deterioration of complex systems, such as that of canned meat products, depends on a wide variety of extrinsic and intrinsic characteristics. Discuss                                                                         (8 Marks)