Sensory evaluation

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Explain the following terms (4 Marks)
    1. Sensory evaluation
    2. Stimuli
    3. Receptors
    4. Perception
  2. Explain Four (4) variables that affect sensory evaluation (4 Marks)
  3. Discuss the sensory attributes of foods (3 Marks)
  4. State and explain three (3) variables that are controlled to achieve reliable data in sensory evaluation (3 Marks)
  5. State and explain the basic tastes important in sensory evaluation (3 marks)
  6. Discuss Four (4) categories of scales used in measuring responses in sensory evaluation (4Marks)
  7. State the characteristics most commonly employed by the team leader in sensory evaluation testing (3 Marks)
  8. Discuss Three (3) descriptive sensory evaluation techniques of importance in sensory evaluation (3 Marks)
  9. Discuss the following sensory testing techniques (3 Marks)
    1. Triangle test
    2. Duo-trio test
    3. Ranking test
  1. Discuss the role of sensory evaluation in the food industry (10 Marks)
  2. Sensory perception is a psychological process. Discuss (8 Marks)
  3. You are the head of a product development team in your company. You are planning a consumer testing exercise.
    1. Discuss factors you would consider in selecting consumers for this test (8 Marks)
    2. Discuss Three (3) quantitative methods that you can use in your sensory testing (12 Marks)
  4. A soft juice company recently commercialized a modified product that had successfully passed sensory evaluation tests. Shortly after the launch, the product failed to sell. Discuss how sensory evaluation could have increased the risk of failure for the new product (12 Marks)
  5. Discuss the generic steps followed in carrying out descriptive