Introduction to Food Science and Technology

Attempt the following questions to check your understanding of the subject:

  1. Explain the four parts of the food industry (4 Marks)
  2. Briefly explain the process of waste management in the food industry (7 Marks)
  3. State the maturity indices important in harvesting of climacteric fruits (5 Marks)
  4. Giving examples differentiate between:
    1. Minimally processed foods and secondary derivatives (2 Marks)
    2. Cold disinfection and curing (2 Marks)
  5. What is the purpose of curing in foods of plant origin? (5 Marks)
  6. Discuss the disadvantages of fumigation in fruits (3 Marks)
  1. What is rigor mortis? (3 Marks)
  2. State the post-mortem changes in fish muscle related to lipid oxidation (5 Marks)
  3. List 3 ways in which lipid oxidation can be reduced (3 Marks)
  4. List the extrinsic factors that determines the composition of the spoilage microflora (4 Marks)
  5. How does processing influence the spoilage rate and type of spoilage occurring? (3 Marks)
  6. Differentiate between the following terms: 
    1. Food preservation and Food spoilage (3 Marks)
    2. Pasteurization and Sterilization (3 Marks)
    3. Drying and Concentration of food (3 Marks)
    4. Blanching and Food Irradiation (3 Marks)