I’m trying to develop a new flavoured oil product. I would prefer to use real ingredients if possible.

There are a couple of flavours I’m trying to develop, but there are some very important questions I don’t know the answer to. I’ll explain each type and the question as clearly as I can!

I would like to make a prawn flavoured oil, using heads and shells ideally. There is a chicken flavour, which would be kind of the flavour of a chicken stock wing rendered chicken fat and aromatics to make a chicken flavoured oil. I would also like to make one that is anchovy flavoured, using dried anchovies.

The problem is two things, I would like this to be able to be kept at room temp. My idea would be to clarify the oils and remove any solids, then pasteurize the clear oil. In theory it should kill any botulism or bacteria that could grow in the oil. Right? Could I acidify the fats to help kill bacteria? How much citric acid would I need by weight in theory for that to work if it is my only option? Will citric acid make it cloudy?

I’m worried that any proteins from the meat could cause the oil to go rancid at room temp.

The other worry is that the chicken fat would solidify at room temperature, even though I would be mixing it with neutral cooking oil 1:3.

Any help with how I can prepare these flavours and keep them safe to eat for a long time in a clarified oil form.

I hope to hear back!

Thank you!

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