I am healing from a kidney condition that required 2 yrs daily dialysis – I shocked my team with my numbers and am now dialysis free! Upon my own research past year, my issue still requires minimal nitrogen in my food. I at present I mostly consume liquid egg whites from kirkland cardboard containers for main protein. It says 3 tbs = 5g protein. Based on how nitrogen is calculated in a food I reversed the equation which looks something like this:
5g protein ÷ 6.25 = .8 approximate amount of nitrogen one serving. Is that right???

Is there any source of protein that I can consume where most of the nitrogen is already removed aside from purchasing from one of the three main ketoanalogue companies? I just want to keep improving.

I also eat organic tofu but am curious how is the high nitrogen level as compared to meat or cheese. Is nitrogen only about the amount of protein or is there a different affect from animal vs plant? Or is nitrogen just nutrogen no matter what the source? Thank you so much$!

AFS Desk Answered question March 3, 2023