Hi. I’ve never asked this before but it’s been niggling for so long I had to. While I love pumpkin, and pumpkin pie. And I will say I’m a huge fan of carrot cake:

Why do I have a revulsion to most cooked carrots and/or sweet potatoes?

I’m able to eat carrots raw (and with no issue) by the pound. If the carrots are slightly blanched, I will also enjoy them but at a certain point, they become super unpalatable. I have never enjoyed sweet potatoes. A large portion of the people I know in the south think that pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie are very similar, but I could not disagree more!

I know that genetics play a large role in people’s tastes. Cultural influences are also important as is introduction to foods from an early age.

I know that I am one of the unlucky/lucky few that find cilantro literally tastes like basil flavored soap, and this has been pretty much proven to be genetic. Have there been studies on people and their perception of certain orange flavored foods?

AFS Desk Answered question March 3, 2023