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The HHO generator is perhaps the hub of superior system. It holds inside liter, or less, Engine COntrol Module of water and contains an electrode with which standard ordinary reacts in order to create HHO. Hydroxy gas emerges at the surface of the liquid can be then vacuumed off in the internal combustion engine.

Throttle Chamber is acquainted with control atmosphere flow the particular engine for the vehicle. There is TPS which is fixed close to the throttle zone. This TPS may be to send signal towards main EFI computer.

The electronic Transmission Control Module TCM TCU Volvo 70 Series 2000 2001 2002 200 system links everything together, viz battery, reservoir and Powertrain Control Module key. It also earths the entire system. Around the globe very employed to have one that allows monitoring and control this amperage passing through normal water.

So what should the voltage be at the diagnostic socket if ever the mixture is perfect? There will just be some fluctuation when the oxygen sensor is hot and car is in “closed-loop” control; i.e. constantly responding towards engine’s tendencies. But those fluctuations get Electronic Control Module in a narrow band around ten.2 – 12.3 volts. (The exact center point could be found by observing the voltage in the socket once the oxygen sensor is shut off.) Longer voltage “journeys” into the 11-volt range indicate a lean condition; up into the 13-volt range bespeaks an abundant condition.

One note of caution: an aftermarket cold air intake system could possibly void your MINI warranty, so certain to be sure before installing anything.

When auto is started an household current passes while using water included in the reservoir and this reacts with electrode. The molecules split and HHO is created. This oxyhydrogen gas is sucked off into the car’s engine where it burns 4x better than gasoline.