Drive To Survive producers 'pitching a behind-the-scenes boxing show'

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Dustin Coates asked 2 weeks ago

A new behind-the-scenes boxing show is reportedly being pitched to Netflix by the producer of hit F1 series Drive To Survive. 

The show would star Frank Smith, the chief executive of Matchroom Boxing, the worldwide promoter run by Eddie Hearn. 

Netflix are considering the pitch presented by Box to Box, the producers who have released five seasons of Drive To Survive, a series which has helped Formula 1’s popularity explode since 2019. 

That’s according to The Guardian, who recently interviewed Smith. 

While Hearn understandably grabs most of the headlines, Smith has become a critical member of the promotional company since initially joining on work experience aged 14. 

The producers of Drive to Survive are pitching a boxing show to Netflix starring Frank Smith (left), chief executive of Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing 

Smith is an integral part of Hearn’s boxing promoter and initially joined on work experience

Drive to Survive has had an enormous impact on Formula 1, attracting a new wave of fans 

In the past he has described himself as the ‘realist’ behind Hearn’s ideas, executing the projects and plans that shape the sport. He has promoted hundreds of boxers. 

He is in a relationship with Emily Eubank, daughter of former middleweight and super-widdleweight champion Chris Eubank and sister of Chris Jr. 

Drive To Survive has had a seismic impact on Formula 1, boosting viewership and sponsorship exponentially. 

A boxing series could have a huge impact but might add an extra layer of complication to an already demanding business. 

Smith told The Guardian: ‘Boxing is the toughest business to plan and budget for. Someone pulls out injured […] it’s a swing from making money to losing money.

‘Every other sport we’re involved in […] if a player pulls out, the tournament goes ahead. The World Darts Championships sells 90,000 tickets in a few hours, eight months in advance, and you don’t know who’s playing. With boxing, it’s near impossible. 

‘But we’re working with [streaming service] DAZN, with their subscription mechanics, looking at trying to announce five or six months in advance, which we never would have done in the past.’

Smith is in a relationship with Emily Eubank, daughter of boxing legend Chris Eubank 

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