Artist Spots The Face Of Jesus Wearing A Crown Of Thorns In Sculpture

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Irma Gibbs asked 1 week ago

An artist was left stunned after the face of Jesus appeared in considered one of his tree root sculptures which had been nailed on a picket cross. Keith Key, who is finding out on the University of Hull and the Hull College of Fine Arts, created the work Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani to raise questions about how society treats timber. Staff on the Prospect Gallery in Hull spotted what seems to be like a face, resembling Jesus sporting a crown of thorns, showing in the artwork. Sending the message they’re ‘A-record! The sculpture, titled, was created earlier this year for an exhibition known as ‘Trees and Water a Fruitful Freedom’ which is being staged within the Prospect Gallery, on the Prospect Shopping Centre. However Keith believes he has a proof for the ‘strange phenomena’. He admits others could disagree, given the religious connotations of the piece. However he went on to insist the piece was ‘not religious’ regardless of being ‘based mostly on religion.

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